New fishing boat equipped with Cooling K3F Slurry machine

Recently, a new fishing boat, Indriði Kristins BA 751, was launched in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. It is a Cleopatra Fisherman 40B, 12 meters long, by Trefjar Ltd. with 19.000 hooks Mustad Longline System.

Indriði Kristins BA 751 is equipped with Cooling K3F Slurry machine which preserves the highest quality possible of the catch and therefore gives the opportunity of longer fishing trips. The catch is cooled immediately, maintaining the chill down temperature of the load while on board the vessel. The photo of Indriði Kristins BA 751 is from the harbor of Hafnarfjörður, where Indriði Kristins BA 751 is prepared for sailing to its hometown of Tálknafjörður in the West fjords of Iceland.

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Fleiri fréttir

Slurry ice machine introduction video

Kæling is one of the leading Icelandic manufacturers making equipment for the fishing and food industry.  Specializing in: At Sea Chill-down Refrigeration,

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