Slurry Ice Machines

Leading design and high quality Slurry Ice Machines

Rapid and effective way of chilling

Designed to produce slurry ice on board fishing boats and fishing vessels.

Slurry ice machines produce slush from seawater and are used to cool down the catch after it has been gutted.
The slush is pumped evenly into chilled tanks as they are loaded, whether it is with fish, lobster, shellfish or other sea catch.

Key Benefits

• Produces slush from the sea which is used to cool down the catch after it has been gutted.
• Rapid chilling and exact temperature control.
• Increased Shelf Life.
• Slurry covers the entire surface of the catch.
• Slows down the growth of bacteria.
• Reduces the activity of enzymes.
• Available with or without a pre-cooler.

Control Function

The slurry ice machine is made from stainless-steel frame with a compress-or, ice generator, condenser, control valves and flow valves. The control-panel can be positioned on the machine itself or almost anywhere in the ship. The machine is controlled with a touch screen, using a single button to activate.
Monitoring software is included, along with a sea pump and sea filters. The only thing not included for installation is a piping system for slush and sea.

The machine works as follows:
• Water is pumped in, and the quantity determined by electrically controlled valves.
• On the touch screen, select how much sea passes through the valve, and the operating system maintains a proper flow.
• The flow through the machine is the key factor in maintaining the correct and constant thickness of the slush.
• From the valves, sea is pumped into the ice generator where the slurry ice is being made.

Briefly, the ice generator is built with two tubes, where the smaller tube is located inside the bigger one. The space in-between the tubes holds the refrigerant, which is maintained at
-23° C. The sea passes through the ice generator to freeze and produce ice-crystals on the inside of the tube. The ice-crystals are scraped away with the machine’s scraping mechanism as soon as they form. Within the cooling system, the ice slush churn gets filled with ice which is pressed out of the machine.
The density of the ice is controlled by the amount of sea which is pumped into the machine. The less sea that goes through the churn, the higher density of the ice. It can come close to 43% density.

As the sea temperature can vary between seasons and areas, computer- controlled sensors and specialized software optimizes the slurry ice machines’ performance. With the procedure it is possible to control the density of the slurry ice and maximize its performance.

Slurry Ice & Tanks

Slurry ice can be used in many ways. In smaller vessels, fishing for 1-3 days at a time, the slurry ice is put into a tank with a built-in safety valve; the ice goes into the tank along with the catch. For that purpose, the density of the ice is about 30% and the temperature at -2.8° C.

The catch is dropped straight into the slurry ice and cooled rapidly and effectively. Within few minutes the catch is cooled down to 0°C lying in floating slurry ice.

In larger ships the slurry ice is most often collected into an ice tank. In the tank there is a stirring mechanism to prevent the ice from separating itself from the seawater. The height control, within the tank, monitors and ad-ministers the slurry ice, stopping when the tank is full and activates when the tank is around 80% capacity. From the slurry ice tank, the ice is pumped over the catch. The slurry can be thick or thin, depending on what it is being used for.

Slurry Ice versus Conventional Ice

Great developments have been made in cooling techniques for the food industry, especially in the fisheries.
Over the past few years, cooling with slurry ice has been proven as a highly effective way. There is a great difference between cooling fish with slurry ice versus conventional ice.

Regular ice is only in touch with a small part of the fish surface and does not cool the catch as fast and evenly as the slurry ice. When using slurry ice, the whole surface of the fish is in touch with -2.8° C liquid, cooling it faster and in a more efficient manner. With the slurry, the core temperature of the catch is cooled down in a short amount of time and highest quality is maintained.

At a Glance

• Rapid and effective way of chilling.
• Controlled with a touch pad.
• Maximized performance.
• Customized for clients.
• Maintenance and support services.
• Energy saving.
• Time saving.
• Easy to use.

Kæling offers Slurry Ice Machines for all types and sizes of fishing vessels and fisheries

Whether you have small boat or a large trawler, we have first grade cooling solutions.