About us

About us

We offer the best
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Kælins is among the leaders in cooling systems and cooling technology for seafood producers and the fishing industry. 

Kæling was formed in September 2005 by Atli Steinn Jonsson and Erlendur Stefaf Kristjansson. Originally the company was housed in Jonson's garage but in only six months the company had outgrown the garage and they moved to Stapahraun in Hafnafjordur.

Atli Steinn Jónsson framkvæmdastjóri Kælingar

Atli Steinn Jónsson

Atli Steinn er one of Kæling's founder and the CEO.
Netfang: atli@cooling.is
+354 891-7918
E Stefán Kristjánsson einn af stofnendum Kælingar

E Stefán Kristjánsson

Cooling system expert
Stefán Kristjánsson is one of the founders of Kæling and a cooling system expert.

Netfang: stebbi@cooling.is
+354 899-7918
Sigríður Rut Hallgrímsdóttir skrifstofustjóri Sigga Rut

Sigga Rut Hallgrímsdóttir

Sigga Rut handles the book keeping

Netfang: siggarut@cooling.is
Gréta Guðmundsdóttir tækniteiknari hjá Kælingu

Gréta Guðmundsdóttir

Technical drawings and office
Gréta manages the office and the technical drawings of our system.

Netfang: greta@cooling.is
Ármann Rafn Úlfarsson sérfræðingur í kælikerfum hjá Kælingu

Ármann Rafn Úlfarsson

Cooling system expert

+ 354 770-7901
Gísli Sólberg Pétursson sérfræðingur í Kælikerfum hjá Kælingu

Gísli Sólberg Helgason

Cooling system expert

+ 354 776-7915
Jón Pétur Sigurðsson sérfræðingur í kælikerfum hjá Kælingu

Jón Pétur Sigurðsson

Cooling system expert

+ 354 898-7918
Ragnar Björnsson sérfræðingur í Kælikerfum hjá Kælingu

Ragnar Björnsson

Cooling system expert

+354 899-7901
Halldór Jón Grétarsson sérfræðingur í kælikerfum hjá Kælingu

Halldór Jón Grétarsson

Cooling system expert

+354 699-7791
Óskar Smári Haraldsson rafvirki hjá Kælingu

Óskar Smári Haraldsson


+354 892-0199
Jón Valgeir sérfræðingur í kælikerfum hjá Kælingu

Jón Valgeir

Cooling system expert

Gissur Skarphéðinsson sölustjóri hjá Kælingu

Gissur Skarphéðinsson


Netfang: gissur@cooling.is
+354 868-5835

Where to find us


You will find us at Stapahraun 6 in Hafnarfjordur. Feel free to reach out either by phone or email.