Freezers and Cooling storage

Freezers and Cooling storage - sale - installation and maintenance

Kæling offers custom made freezers and cooling storage according to customers specifications and needs. Kæling offers Freezers and Cooling storage in all sizes. From installation to maintenance Kæling offers a comprehensive service for all kinds of Freezers and Cooling storage.

Kæling offers maintenance service for most Freezers and Cooling storages regardless where they are bought.

Kæling has designed and istalled number of all kinds of Freezers and Cooling storages with good restult and excellent durability and reliability.

  • Quility installation
  • Flexible design and installation
  • Verity of interior solutions like shelf systems etc.
  • Verity of refrigerants for the storage

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Kæling offers all kinds of Freezers and Cooling storage

Solutions for all kinds and sizes of fishing vessels and fisheries on shore. Kæling high quality cooling solutions to get the perfect cooling from the catching moment.