Slurry Ice Storage Tanks

Quality storage for Slurry Ice designes and manufactures quality Slurry Ice Tanks for storage of Slurry Ice. The tanks are made of double sided panels which give good insulation. Inside each tank is a stirring mechanic which prevents the ice and the seawater to separate. On one end is an electric pump to pump out the Slurry Ice. If a valve on the pipes from the tank are opened the pump will automatically start to pump and will stop once the valve is closed.

Slurry Ice storage tanks from Kæling are sturdy and durable equipped with rotating paddles that keep the mix right at every time. In one end of the storage tank there is a control unit and pumps. If a valve is opened on the pipes from the slurry ice storage tank the control unit starts pumping the Slurry Ice and shuts of when the valve is closed.

Ideal solution where there is need for cooling great volume in short time. Kæling offers custom made sizes of storage tanks and these standard sizes:

  • 1500 liters (LxWxH) 1800x1340x1460 mm
  • 2000 liters (LxWxH) 2310x1340x1460 mm
  • 3000 liters (LxWxH) 3230x1340x1460 mm
  • 4000 liters (LxWxH) 4160x1340x1460 mm

Cooling offers quality Slurry Ice Storage Tanks

Suitable for all sizes of fishing vessels and also ideal for fisheries on shore. If you are looking for solutions to keep the catch as fresh as possible from the catching moment till it is handed over Cooling is your partner.