The slurry ice machine is also available with a built-in pre-cooler where the sea is pumped in and cooled down to 2° C before it enters the ice generator where the slurry ice is made.
Key Benefits
• Produces slush from the sea which is used to cool down the catch after it has been gutted.
• Rapid chilling and exact temperature control.
• Increased Shelf Life.
• Slurry covers the entire surface of the catch.
• Slows down the growth of bacteria.
• Reduces the activity of enzymes.
• Available with or without a pre-cooler.

At a Glance
• Rapid and effective way of chilling.
• Controlled with a touch pad.
• Maximized performance.
• Customized for clients.
• Maintenance and support services.
• Energy saving.
• Time saving.
• Easy to use.

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