Sea Coolers

Sea Coolers build for the toughest conditions

High quality Seawater Cooling Systems

Kæling offers sea coolers of high quality, designed for those who want to use modern technology to optimize the catch value and maintain peak product quality.

Sea coolers are used on many levels in the food production, both on sea and land to enhance the quality of the catch and to ensure the freshness of the products. Proper cooling technique slows down the growth of bacteria and reduces the activity of enzymes in the catch.

Sea coolers are used to cool the fish
after gutting and washing, before it is placed in the hold. By using sea coolers, the catch can be cooled beneath 0°C before being iced into fish tubs
below deck.

By cooling the fish instantly into chilled tanks with cold sea, the ice required for the catch is minimized. Where sea temperature is high it is necessary to cool the fish down to 0 – 2°C before it goes into slurry ice.

Key Benefits

  • Sea Coolers cool the fish after gutting and washing, minimizing bacteria growth and enzyme activity.
  • Increased Shelf Life with rapid chilling and exact temperature control.
  • The catch can be cooled beneath 0°C before icing.
  • Limits ice requirements on board.
  • Maximizes the flow (Max Flow).

Perfect Tempurature Control

A traditional sea cooler includes a
cooling compressor, driven by 3-phase electricity, condenser and a titanium pre-cooler. Flow valves and control valves are placed on a frame with a built-in control panel. The panel can be placed in other parts of the ship where space is limited.

Sea coolers can cool the sea down below 0° C or to -1.5° C depending on the temperature desired.

Connecting Sea Coolers and Slurry Ice Systems, and their operational factors

Under most conditions, a sea cooler is connected to a slurry ice machine when the seawater temperature is high, or when high volume thin ice is needed. Computer-controlled sensors and specialized software oversee lowering of the seawater temperature to about 2° C and then maximizing the slurry ice machine’s performance.

Connecting Sea Coolers and Slurry Ice Systems, and their operational factors

  • Rapid and effective way of chilling.
  • Increased Shelf Life.
  • Varied possibilities of use.
  • Customized for clients.
  • Energy saving.
  • Time saving.
  • Easy to use.

Cooling offers wide range of standard Sea Coolers and also in custom sizes and capacity.

Whether you have small boat or a large trawler, we have first grade cooling solutions.